NSC Navigator Coach

NSC Navigator Coach service provides you with a personal, hands-on coach to teach you NSC Navigator, while helping you manage initial deployment, maintenance and any customized projects you may request.

Your NSC Navigator Coach will:

  • Teach you how to use any part of the NSC Navigator system you want to learn
  • Work with you to create custom help documentation for you and your team
  • Help you format existing Excel spreadsheets, export data from existing systems and upload it to NSC Navigator.
  • Help you build new fields and new business rules, and then update your web forms, reports and dashboards
  • Learn your business and be able to share NSC Navigator best practices to help solve your problems
  • Help you manage initial deployment of NSC Navigator, including data capture, system tailoring and team training
  • Capture requirements for customized solutions that require development to support new workflows, web forms, mobile forms, advanced analytical reports, email alerts and any other system enhancements
  • Be available for online and onsite visits