NSC Navigator Project Manager

Enterprise deployments require close management of resources, scope of work requirements, budgets, phased releases and training documentation. To ensure your project’s success, all enterprise deployments will be assigned an NSC Navigator Project Manager.

All NSC Navigator Project Managers are certified Six Sigma Green Belts or higher, and are Certified NSC Navigator Solution Engineers.

The Role of the NSC Navigator Project Manager:

  • Document and communicate a project plan that will include the scope of work, project overview, project benefits, quality requirements, project risk, assumptions and constraints, project timeline, definition of success, project steering committee and stakeholder updates.
  • Submit weekly progress reports that include the current status of the project, activities that are at risk, current cost versus budget and the current project plan schedule.
  • Manage resources to build tailored training documentation including video and print material.
  • Provide quality control between data and file migration from legacy systems.
  • Work with your IT department to supply documentation as required, and to manage development resources for web services and NSC Navigator APIs.
  • Manage all custom solution enhancements.
  • Provide onsite and offsite meeting support as needed.
  • Manage resources for designing new solutions for your toughest problems.