NSC Navigator Tailoring Services

NSC Navigator lets you implement functionality at your own pace.  Our three starter solutions are a great place to start your safety management processes. However, sometimes you may wish to tailor the products to meet your specific needs. At an affordable cost, you can work with the NSC Navigator support team to develop custom reports, data fields or functionality like:

  • Message Monitors – Visibility and transparency are the best way to evolve your culture. NSC Navigator lets you post a monitor to display warning messages, training and coaching videos, and any other reports you would like to share. You can place monitors in your lobby, break room, warehouse or anywhere else that your people gather.
  • Severity Ratings – Using the severity rating chart, you can apply smart logic to manage the investigation requirements based on an incident’s initial filing. The oversight approval system ensures that each incident is reviewed and tracked so nothing is missed, and automated workflows allow faster notification should the threat require it.
  • Work Orders – Managing work orders is often a blind spot. Using NSC Navigator to manage work orders or share data with work order systems gives you real time oversight of when, who and what is happening with each requested work order.
  • Trainers – Notifying trainers in real time allows them to identify employees exposed to similar risks. NSC Navigator sends messages via email and text, provides links to coaching videos, and easily schedules assignments for refresher training.
  • Audits – Auditing policies and procedures moves from random audits to automated real time audits. Using the IC360 Platform, you can build a solution that will automatically manage any process. You get real time corrective actions whenever tasks are missed or when results are unacceptable. Real time, actionable information saves lives and eliminates injuries.
  • Checklists – 99% of checklists today occur on paper. When an item is found to be outside of tolerance, most organizations already specify pre-defined corrective actions in response. By using NSC Navigator’s web and mobile solutions for checklists, the system automatically prompts for corrective actions to help the user through the defined policy.
  • Operations – NSC Navigator lets you to manage any task related to operational safety. From Lock Out-Tag Out to Confined Space, the system automatically manages tasks and events that are normally handled with paper checklists. Whenever a task is missed, alerts are sent to the person responsible, overhead monitors can flash and escalated alerts can begin to inform managers and supervisors in real time.
  • Training – Capturing corrective actions that enable smart training is critical to building a safer workplace. Using NSC Navigator, training updates can include quick messages broadcast via email or text, short videos and notifications to instructors to update their training content.
  • Training Delivery – Using Web and mobile solutions, you can instantly transform your training programs. Employees can easily access their training online, request training, and download coaching videos to their smartphones. Supervisors can share coaching videos, training PowerPoints and other content for employees and vendors through their tablets or smartphones.
  • Class Management – NSC Navigator makes tracking instructors, classroom availability, web registration and employee and vendor registration fast and easy. Class management is simplified and streamlined with dashboard oversight of all your classroom and web training scheduling, and simplified management of instructor assignments.
  • Job Transfer Alerts – NSC Navigator notifies trainers, administrators and managers when an employee’s job has been transferred, so any new training requirements can be scheduled. This gives their new manager a clear picture of what training the employee already has, and what they need.
  • Web-Based SCORM Compliance Training – NSC Navigator readily integrates with your SCORM compliance training. Data flows into advanced reporting solutions that deliver rich analysis for compliance, benchmarking and trending.
  • Mobile Coaching Videos – NSC Navigator enables mobile coaching videos to be used in the field. You can attach them as quick reference guides, links to corrective actions or broadcast safety tips using email or text. You can send your people vital safety information about a piece of equipment, a current process or new hazard when and where they need it most.
  • Instructor Resource Allocation – Scheduling instructors, classrooms, employees and vendors can be frustrating and time consuming as schedules shift. NSC Navigator makes scheduling quick and easy, with updates and alerts to keep everyone up to date.
  • Train the Trainer – Train the Trainer scheduling and certification management is fast and easy using NSC Navigator’s drag and drop features with calendars, automated reminders and one-click schedule updates.
  • Training Budgets – Keeping up with accurate training budgets can be nearly impossible, given all the moving parts. NSC Navigator lets you see up to the minute projected and historical training costs by job role, department, location and corporation.
  • Safety Meetings – NSC Navigator lets you collect meeting notes in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF or a web form, and the results are auto-filed directly. Corrective actions send alerts to the right people and your meeting is completely documented.
  • Policy Compliance – Automate your policy and procedure oversight. Using dashboards, you can oversee every process you have defined in NSC Navigator, and quickly drill down to the issues that you need to address.