Incident Management

Whatever your organization’s size or industry, a commitment to safety and a goal of Zero Injuries requires real time knowledge of the hazards that expose your employees, vendors, suppliers, customers and visitors to harm. Only real time knowledge lets you pro-actively eliminate hazards and reduce risks before someone gets hurt.

NSC Navigator will transform your knowledge and management of incidents. By deploying NSC Navigator, your entire team will be empowered to report hazards and incidents using mobile and web technology. Real time information becomes a reality, and reducing risks before injuries occur becomes possible

Incident investigations are essential for determining root causes, so that corrective actions can be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring. The lessons learned from a proper incident investigation enable you and your managers, supervisors, trainers, employees and safety team to become pro-active in eliminating recurring incidents as well as eliminating hazards and reducing the risk of incidents that have the potential for serious or fatal injury.

NSC Navigator lets you:

  • Collect event information from all employees
  • Manage corrective action assignment and completion
  • Report on incidents per your hierarchy
  • Automate the incident investigation process
  • Share incident information with preselected individuals via automated email and/or text alerts