Training Management

Timely training is an essential component of an effective safety management system, and supports the process of reducing risk in the workplace. NSC Navigator is the world’s leading safety training system, providing best in class record keeping, class scheduling, employee content delivery, course content management and smart reporting for easy training oversight.  Organizations that do not manage their training well face an increased risk of employee injury or illness.

NSC Navigator is a state of the art training solution.   By deploying NSC Navigator you can:

  • Ensure that every employee and vendor is up to date with their required training
  • Track training requirements by job role and location
  • Dramatically reduce the administrative tasks required to manage your training programs
  • Stay informed about who needs to be trained and when through automated reports and alerts
  • Be absolutely certain that your record keeping is always 100% audit-ready for OSHA and industry accreditations
  • Deliver classroom, web and mobile training
  • Evaluate exam answers and scores to look for trends across training, job titles, departments and locations
  • Automatically assess how well an individual has learned an important lesson, through easy to use web, Word or Excel questionnaires
  • Integrate SCORM training materials and automatically review trends and thresholds of results
  • Be audit-ready all the time – never lose another minute of operational productivity to an audit
  • Send automated email alerts to your managers any time an employee’s training is about to expire
  • Manage third party training certifications and renewals