Inspection Management

Accurately evaluating the state of your safety systems and culture requires the ability to access the information that resides in your organization’s checklists, inspections, observations and audits. NSC Navigator delivers a holistic approach to collecting data and centralizes the information for a single point of truth that can be analyzed and managed by your safety team. The result is a powerful information source that delivers the evidence, knowledge and awareness required to improve and maintain management’s leadership, support and investment in your organization’s Journey To Safety Excellence; this managed and continuous process of improvement engages all employees and enhances your organization’s safety culture.

NSC Navigator Inspection Management lets you:

  • Easily reconfigure your existing forms and paper checklists into web and mobile forms using NSC Navigator’s web and Excel upload tools
  • Pre-define questions with drop down and check box answers that automatically prompt corrective actions
  • Configure email alerts to notify your employees or vendors when new corrective actions are assigned to them
  • Advanced dashboard reports give you holistic oversight of all your corrective actions with the ability to drill down to specific details and supporting evidence including photos, videos and notes
  • Receive automated alerts whenever the thresholds you set are reached
  • Use scatter, bubble and spider charts to monitor trends and analyze disparate information
  • Schedule checklists and inspections with absolute certainty that they are being completed on time, automatically sending reminders whenever something is missing or incomplete and sending escalating alerts to your managers, supervisors and team
  • Feed your scheduled checklist and inspection schedules into your local compliance and performance reports – “What Gets Watched Gets Done”
  • Use up to the moment graphs and charts in Safety Committee meetings for discussion, task tracking and corrective actions