Incident Management is essential to every organization’s safety program. Quickly identifying what happened, how and why – and then immediately responding with appropriate corrective actions. NSC Navigator gives you real time knowledge and control, and lets you pro-actively eliminate hazards and reduce risks before someone gets hurt.


The only way to get your people to avoid injuries in the first place, and to respond quickly and well when incidents occur is thorough and regular training. NSC Navigator is the world’s leading safety training system – an organized and documented program that covers all your training concerns: record keeping, scheduling, content delivery, reporting and more.

Inspection Management

Knowledge is power. But raw data and information remain just a bunch of numbers until you take control of them. NSC Navigator simplifies and organizes your data collection, and centralizes the information into a single point of truth that your safety team can analyze and manage. You get the evidence, knowledge and awareness you need to improve and maintain management’s leadership, support and investment in your organization’s Journey To Safety Excellence.


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