• IREPORT – NSC Navigator’s IREPORT enables all of your employees, vendors, customers and visitors to report hazards or incidents in real time, using their smart phones or by linking to your web portal – letting you know immediately so you can respond. They can report hazards, near miss incidents, incidents with injury or illness, first aid cases, and automobile or property damage.
  • Corrective Actions – Timely corrective actions assigned to the right people are the best way to reduce risk. NSC Navigator lets you monitor corrective actions in real time, so you can make sure the prescribed actions are taken and validate that they are successful. Using dashboard reports and email reminders, all corrective actions have close oversight, ensuring that every detail receives timely management and that the responsible individuals are accountable.  The right people are notified both when a corrective action is opened and when it is closed.
  • Corrective Action  Reminders – A week before and a day before an open corrective action is due, the system will send an email reminder to the assigned individual.
  • Email and Text Alerts – Emails and text alerts allow real time communication. Your defined notification matrix lets you easily assign alerts to your employees, vendors and suppliers based on specific rules that you establish, so they are properly notified and tasked with corrective actions.
  • New Hazard Reports – When an employee reports a hazard, they receive an email confirmation along with their supervisor and the safety team.  This triggers the review process that results in corrective measures being created and assigned.
  • New Incidents – When an employee reports a new incident to their supervisor who begins the investigation process, the employee, the supervisor and the safety team receive email confirmations.
  • Incident Updates – When an incident report is updated or changed, the employee, supervisor and the safety team are notified via email.
  • Incident Dashboards – NSC Navigator provides the world’s leading reporting system to analyze, measure and monitor hazards and incidents in real time. You can easily build role-based dashboards to support every level of your organization, allowing each person to see the all the information they need.
  • Performance Oversight – Accountability is critical if everyone in your organization is to focus on what is most important. NSC Navigator provides performance reports showing the timeliness of reports and investigations, and how quickly investigation actions are carried out.