• Course Management – You can transform your course management from shared drives and spreadsheets by using NSC Navigator’s Course Management module, which enables you to easily manage all of your course content, exams, quizzes and accreditations.
  • Audit Ready All the Time – NSC Navigator has easy to use dashboards to track every detail of your training compliance. Audits that once took days are now done in real time, delivering certainty of your current state and providing you peace of mind by easing the burden that comes with audits – even making auditors’ jobs easier.
  • Enhanced Training from Corrective Action Lessons – The NSC Navigator Corrective Action module’s reporting lets you track trends and deploy training to the right group, department or individual based on your choice of data points such as equipment type, SDS, job description or location.
  • Individual Job Tracking – NSC Navigator integrates with your accounting and HR system, and automatically notifies an employee and manager any time the employee needs to be trained for a specific role, allowing for accurate and timely training for each task.
  • Updates and Renewals – Using NSC Navigator, updates and renewals are fully automated. Scheduling notifications are sent to employees and managers, and escalation alerts go out whenever training is not completed on time.
  • Surveys, Quizzes and Exams – NSC Navigator enables you to easily build web and mobile surveys, quizzes and exams to validate the effectiveness of the training your employees and vendors are receiving. Results are instantly measured and analyzed, giving you up to the minute feedback.
  • Safety Alert Training – The faster you communicate safety information to your workforce, the greater the chance you have of eliminating the next incident. Using NSC Navigator safety alerts, you can broadcast safety messages. Messages can be simple or contain dynamic attachments like PowerPoints, videos or other electronic files.
  • Training Records – Filing and managing sign-in sheets, exam scores and attendance logs becomes easier when you start using NSC Navigator. No more searching emails and share drives to prepare for an audit. With one click you have all your information at your fingertips, ready for any information request, whether from a customer, a regulator or an administrator.
  • Job Role/Regulatory Compliance – Regulatory compliance can require more than just training for job requirements: PPE, trade licenses, medical surveillance and other documentation can be required for compliance. NSC Navigator lets you manage all the requirements in one simple reporting and record system.