• Audits – Policies and procedures define how your organization does business, including the best practices, regulatory requirements and key data points you use to evaluate success. NSC Navigator can automate all of your audits, record keeping requirements and reporting, giving you real time oversight.
  • Inspections – Inspections are required in hundreds of areas across facilities and are completed by many different employees. NSC Navigator’s web and mobile inspection forms let you complete and report results.  Further, NSC Navigator automates tracking of corrective actions in real time, meaning rapid resolution and reduction of risk.
  • Observations – Many organizations rely on observation processes as a way to learn how to improve compliance with critical work activities to continue to reduce risk. The challenge is manually collecting the hundreds of data points that are often keyed into spreadsheets or databases that do not support the type of analysis and reporting that can drive change. NSC Navigator lets your observers collect their data on mobile devices, so your safety team can evaluate that information in real time.
  • Tracking Schedules – NSC Navigator gives you full oversight, so you can track schedules, make sure checklists and inspections are completed on time, and enforce accountability.
  • Corrective Actions – Because NSC Navigator gives you real time oversight, as inspections, checklists and audits are conducted, timely management of corrective actions is greatly enhanced. This means risks can be directly addressed and everyone who needs to know can be notified.