Solutions Overview

Enhancing the safety culture requires engagement of all employees, strong communications, transparency and visibility. Your employees, local managers and supervisors are the eyes and ears of your organization, providing game changing information that can eliminate hazards, reduce risk, influence policies and procedures, and create the risk awareness that promotes a safe work environment. Engaging everyone evolves your safety culture, in turn shifting community safety awareness and influencing safety at home – ultimately saving lives and preventing injuries on and off the job.  This drive to zero requires mastery of the vast amount of information and data necessary to manage improvement and to respond rapidly to the opportunities to reduce risk.

NSC Navigator leverages emerging technology to offer innovative solutions, defined by the world’s leading safety experts.

  • Evolve your safety systems away from spreadsheets, ad hoc databases and paper checklists, and start managing safety with a smart, easy to use, affordable web and mobile technology that gives your safety team the real time knowledge they need
  • Change your safety team’s posture from re-active to pro-active, engaging everyone in your organization to report hazards, near misses, and injury incidents in real time so rapid corrective actions can be managed
  • Use real time data about hazards, near misses, incidents, investigations, corrective actions, behavioral observations, inspections, surveys and audits to identify and analyze trends and to automatically track key performance indicators
  • Encourage a culture of safety excellence by extending transparency, accountability and responsibility to everyone in your organization, including suppliers and vendors with real time, accurate, actionable and measurable information
  • NSC Navigator ensures that you have access to industry best practices as defined by leading safety experts from top companies.
  • Tailor NSC Navigator to the nuances of each role, location and operational requirement in your organization, and gain real time oversight of all your information:

NSC Navigator is a modular, holistic safety platform that lets you evolve your safety systems at your own pace, while enabling you to tailor the system to meet your organization’s unique needs. Move from static spreadsheets to a smart, web-based system that delivers real time information that supports your safety initiatives. NSC Navigator’s Safety Starter Solutions get you up and running quickly. You can start fresh, or upload historical data you have been using in legacy spreadsheets and other systems. Either way, getting started is fast and easy. For a small additional cost, you can tailor the system to meet your specific needs. Best of all, whenever you are ready, you can simply upgrade your system to include additional starter solutions, or move to the full NSC Navigator Safety Management System.